Gott-a-CostumeHowl-lllllllll! Ready for some Halloween fun? Who or what are you going to be this year? Need some help brainstorming an idea?

Howl-lllllllll! Ready for some Halloween fun? Who or what are you going to be this year? Need some help brainstorming an idea? Come checkout Gott-A-Costume located at 15167 East Hampden Avenue in Aurora. This is a mind-blowing year round local costume shop, devoted to helping you assemble a head turning costume. Their inventory includes thousands of options that will allow you construct the perfect costume. They stock everything you need including costumes, accessories, make-up, prosthetics and more! Gott-A-Cosume also offers rental deals for special occasions and projects! Going to hit up some fun costume parties in Denver or Halloween events in Denver, then it all starts here with putting together a zany or sexy costume idea!

If you are stuck coming up with a costume concept, Gott-A-Costume will help you get the ball rolling. Browse their extensive inventory and get those creative juices flowing. Halloween is all about fun! What better way to express yourself than putting together an incredible costume? Be the buzz of your Halloween party and some turn heads. Looking for that showstopper costume, than come to Gott-A-Costume and get it started!

Their experienced and friendly staff offers quality service, expertise and creative recommendations. Gott-A-Costume also offers numerous costume rentals for any occasion. Their rentals will really put you into character and help you have the best Halloween ever! They have what you need. Their rental categories include costumes related to: the ‘40s, ‘50s, cavemen, biblical, Viking, Aztec, holidays, Old West, renaissance, storybooks, movies, TV, superhero and more. This year consider being: Darth Vader, Harry Potter, a jester, Papa Smurf, Freddy Krueger, Jason, Bettlejuice, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Zoro, The Cat in the Hat, Superman, Wonder Woman, V for Vendetta, Marvin the Martian, Batgirl, a Black Magic Babe, a Darling Dollie, a Foxy Roxy or Woodland Fairy. The options are literally endless! They also offer an excellent selection of plastic weapons and other accessories, sunglasses, hats, masks, helmets, bracelets, Star Wars merchandise, hairspray, crowns and necklaces! Gott-A-Costume’s store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 to 6 and closed on Sunday. Checkout their website at:


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